Tajurba - National Entrepreneur Summit 2022

Tajurba is a family of experienced entrepreneurs who help each other in personal growth and act as a business accelerator. They have a vast network of members which are spread at pan India level and categorized in regions, sub-regions and then chapters.

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As with many of our projects, we kicked this project off with an in-depth discussion with the key stakeholders. During our discussion with them, we identified what their core values were, who their target audience was, and kicked around ideas to create awareness about the event through design. We created a mood board that summed up all the things that were working on the competitor's sites, along with inspiration for colours, fonts, and imagery for the brand. Through our discovery process, we were able to home in on the priorities of the Summit, as well as which aesthetics we wanted to use for the event.

Design Strategy & Solution

To match the nature of the event the creative team decided to change the complete visual appeal of the event collateral.

The first step was to shed the identity that the past collaterals had developed. The new designs projected the summit as one of the premier summits of the country. The designs had a corporate appeal and would illustrate the energy that an audience would experience at his summit. The designs were designed for each of the eminent guest speakers who were a part of the summit.


Business Development Meetings 200+
Business Registrations from pan India 100+
Exhibitors Participation 40+
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