Xinren India Pvt Ltd.

Xinren in Mandarin stands for “Trust”, Xinren India is a platform built to impart education through comprehensive, easy-to-understand, audio-visual modules to prevent incidences as Sexual Harassment at Workplace and take efforts to spread awareness on this issue.

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Xinren India strives to ensure that working environment is conducive and enables everyone to work without fear of prejudice, harassment or bias in any manner. Their platform specializes in Gender Sensitization & POSH training with organizations including Govt. & law enforcement agencies, educators, corporates, non-profits, etc through their platform


To start with digital assets, Facebook & Instagram were used as a medium to create conversation and engagement among the relevant target audience. Online campaigns were meticulously crafted with each medium being assigned a specific objective.

  • Considering the characteristics of the platform central themes on which all social media campaigns and offline designs were built.
  • Monthly campaign planning to create awareness about the platform and how it could prevent sexual harassment incidences.
  • The highlights of the platform were captured through brand video and were the centre of the brand’s communication.
  • Facts and incidents related specific Facebook Post and Ad campaigns were directed to reach maximum target audience.
  • Initiated conversations around the sexual harassment, women safety, gender sensitization, Internal complaints committee, POSH committee on related groups and forums. The brand reputation was managed well through timely replies to a customer's queries, managing of online reviews. Regular use of influencer networks ensured organic reach & awareness for the brand.


Social Media campaigns was effective in creating and increasing awareness about platform and how it could help to prevent incidences related to sexual harassment, women safety, etc

6K+ Organic reach on Facebook & Instagram within two months
200+ organic profile visits
every month
25K+ Engagement on Facebook & Instagram through Social Media Management
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