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Xinren in Mandarin stands for “Trust”, Xinren India is a platform built to impart education through comprehensive, easy-to-understand, audio-visual modules to prevent incidences as Sexual Harassment at Workplace and take efforts to spread awareness on this issue.

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Xinren came to us with a well-informed idea they wanted see on their website. They had already invested lot of time in product development and wanted to capture the essence of their product on the website. Trusting our team of experts, they looked at us to create a strategy that would elevate the user experience while aligning it with their SaaS based portal.

UX Strategy

With our goals clearly outlined, the next step was to put together the UX Strategy that would achieve them. To do this, we created several wireframe prototypes to test out different website flows that elegantly mixed together the portal link, CTAs to contact, and the remaining website content. Our strategy was focused on creating optimal corporate user journeys for both frequent and inexperienced customers looking for their service. For those who knew what they were looking for, we created a direct path to product information.


After laying out our strategy, we began designing Xinren India website based on what we had learned. The colour palette, typography, and imagery we chose during the design phase all blended together to create a site that felt sunny and comforting. Our use of intentional black space enhanced the visual appeal and gave the eye room to breathe amongst the content. The site was built on top of a custom Wordpress setup, as it was the ideal content management system for easy admin management. It also offered the flexibility needed to fit the future plans for Xinren India site.

Test & Launch

Following site development, we began testing the website. Along with ensuring that the back end of the website was working properly, we thoroughly tested the features and functionality of the front-end to confirm everything was working as it should.

As soon as the site was put up in the new hosting environment and the domain was pointed, we did a brief but thorough round of QA testing to ensure everything was moved properly and the site was up.


The website launch proved to be immediately successful for Xinren India. Going from a bare- bones presence online, we successfully delivered a website with a clear path forward and detailed, visually pleasing, and engaging pages.  The modern aesthetic combined with strategic visual content provides a simple and pleasing user experience.

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