A Times Group Company, Torqus is India’s only State of the Art software provider with 360-degree solution for restaurants. Torqus was founded with a view to streamline and automate the F&B industry with its suite of SaaS products.

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Torqus (Now In-resto), India’s leading restaurant software provider approached us to explore branding and sales opportunities in the digital space. The task at hand was to design an effective 360 Degree Digital Marketing Campaign.

Digital Strategy & Solution

Omnipresent digital assets were created across multiple platforms. A digital mix was meticulously crafted with each medium being assigned a specific objective.

  • SEO activity with key focus on over 60+ keywords ensured that the website secured maximum organic visibility and visits.
  • Optimally targeted Google Search and Facebook Ad campaigns were directed towards securing qualified leads and boost sales.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were used as a medium to create conversation and engagement among the relevant target audience. Glassdoor and Quora were used to project the brand as the spokesperson for the industry.
  • Pedantically curated blogs helped the brand to connect with the restaurant owners.


The 360 Degree approach was effective in both – creating awareness and securing sales. We successfully delivered over 2000 qualified leads in a span of 6 months and cumulative reach of over 1 million on social media.

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