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Surya Electronics is an electronics retail chain with 10 Stores in Pune and 1 in Satara They are one-stop shop for all home and personal electronic needs. Surya Electronics aims to provide excellent customer satisfaction through high level of commitment through emphasising on latest technology trends and innovation.

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Surya Electronics approached us to enhance brand awareness and increase sales of its newly launched online electronics store. The task at hand was to increase its visibility and strengthen brand awareness resulting into sales conversion.

Our Challenge

Consumer durables being a highly competitive market we saw that our prospective customers liked the products. They checked the product pages, and many even added them to carts. But most of the traffic didn’t translate to conversions. People weren’t buying. Their number displayed a total 1.2X returns on the google ad & Facebook ad spend.

Our challenge was to engage those prospects better and nudge them to buy the products through website.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project by applying the scientific method to test the best way forward. Weekly, we selected one hypothesis to test, modifying the factor in 50% of ad spend, and ran the ads for a week. By comparing results, choosing the winner, and aggressively testing another factor the following week, we rapidly increased ROI from one week to the next. In fact, within the first 6 weeks, we boosted the return on investment from ad spend by over 800% across the entire account.

Campaign Strategy

We adopted a tailored approach in search engine marketing. Instead of relying on a single strategy, we unique campaigns for different audience segments. By analyzing search intent and using keywords, we had valuable insights into customers' intentions which allowed us to understand improved purchase behaviour and return on investment (ROI). Customer lifetime value (LTV) was also taken into account, as repeat customers are the key to conversions.

Through comprehensive tracking and data analysis, we identified high-performing campaigns and optimize future ones. A/B testing, fine-tuning, and utilizing both manual and AI-driven optimization methods help us to reduce ad cost-per-click, improve conversion rates, and maintain a positive ROI. Additionally, employing Ad tactics ensures high-quality scores, resulting in lower ad rates.


15X growth in a period of 3 Months
Avg. CPC – INR 0.87
8M+ Impressions
2000% Increase in website traffic
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