Probizz supports Entrepreneurs to handle their start-up auxiliaries and documentation, so that they worry less and focus more on their dream business. They are a technology-driven platform, offering services that cover the needs of start-ups and established businesses. Their services include company incorporation, government registrations & filings, accounting, documentation, and annual compliances.

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Probizz came to Photosyntesis to build a web-based application that would automate their time-consuming manual business process. They goal was to build all-inclusive experience for entrepreneurs and start-ups need in today’s time. We started this project with thorough discussions with stakeholders which helped us identify the core values, target audience for the brand. We defined some smart goals and explored around ideas on how to make the applications easy to use. Our creative team conducted an analysis of the current competitors. Using this as a catalyst, we created a mood board that categorized all the things that were working on the competitors’ sites, along with inspiration for colours, fonts and imagery for the brand. Through our process we were able to define priorities of the business along with aesthetics we wanted to use for the new brand.

UX Strategy

While working on the UX strategy, we applied our research and learnings to the overall strategy. We understood the most important aspects for users would be

  • The ability to easily find the service they are looking for
  • Clearly understanding how the process works
  • Quickly being able to finalize the service based on their business requirements With clear understanding of these priorities, we created a wireframe. To help users who are interested in availing the services, we structured the website to make the process as quick as possible. To help users understand how Probizz functions we strategically included a generic CTA form and listed four services on the homepage and planned out dedicated pages for those wanted to dive into more details.


Once the structure of the website was established through wireframes, we applied our intentional styles to them. During the design phase, we applied previously selected colours, fonts, and imagery styles to the site to give a unique look and feel and set the stage for strong brand. The Probizz website was custom built which helped in making the entire website bloat free. We did not use any plugins or modules for the site, giving us the free reign on the design & development of features on each page. This allowed us to build website exactly how Probizz wanted, without any restrictions .

Test & Launch

While testing the website, we made sure everything was working correctly. We made sure all the CTA forms, enquiries form for all services ran smoothly. We tested on multiple devices to ensure mobile responsiveness and prepared ourselves for the site launch. Before going live, we made sure to run through extensive pre-launch checklist so that everything was in place for the launch. Once confirmed, we started the launch process, moved the site to live server, pointed the domain, and it was live!


Probizz now has a brand-new website that will be the key to helping their business gain traction. With a fully functionally web application that boasts a user-friendly design, it's now easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to find and avail the services listed on website.

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