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Live Inspirred is an organization that helps individuals & corporate transform through their programs and workshops and live an inspiring life. Their each program helps to attract all you want in life. Their vision is to be the most preferred and admired training and consulting organisation in the country and known for " leaving people better than found”.

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Recognizing the need for change, Live Inspirred approached us with the task of revamping their website. In addition to communicating their new vision, the website required a complete makeover. Outdated design elements, a complex navigation system, and outdated content hindered the user experience, leading to broken links and poor search engine optimization (SEO).

To address these issues, we engaged in extensive discussions with key stakeholders, conducting a comprehensive website audit, analytics audit, and usability testing. By utilizing a tool that allowed us to observe anonymous website visits, we gained insights into user behaviour, identified areas of confusion, and discovered pain points.

UX Strategy

With a deep understanding of Live Inspirred's mission and vision, gained through in-depth meetings, stakeholder interviews, and workshops, we laid the groundwork for an exceptional user experience (UX).

To create the best UX strategy, we conducted a competitive analysis, drawing inspiration from successful website design patterns used by other organizations in similar domains. By curating a moodboard that showcased effective UX patterns and design interactions, we set the stage for Live Inspirred's website to become a standout in their industry.

An essential part of our planning process was the development of a highly detailed sitemap. By meticulously outlining the page structure and information architecture, we strategically planned the user pathways for Live Inspirred's two distinct audience groups. This detailed sitemap served as a blueprint, guiding us through wireframe creation and website design.


Armed with a well-defined page structure and carefully planned content, we delved into the exciting design phase. Our goal was to create a website that not only aligned with Live Inspirred's brand identity but also stood out from the competition.

Incorporating the brand's typography, color palette, spacing, and imagery styles, we weaved a visual narrative that resonated with Live Inspirred's diverse audience. The website's fresh and modern design symbolizes the innovative programs and workshops offered by Live Inspirred, setting them apart from other organizations in their field.

With the design locked in, we moved forward with development. Our team of skilled programmers tackled the challenge, ensuring the website's responsiveness on various devices. We employed clean and custom coding practices, adhering to industry best practices and optimizing the content for search engines.

To provide Live Inspirred with a user-friendly content management system (CMS), we integrated our custom-coded solution on top of the widely used and secure WordPress platform. This empowered the Live Inspirred marketing team to easily manage the website's content while allowing for future flexibility as content evolved.

Test & Launch

Before unveiling Live Inspirred's new website to the world, we subjected it to rigorous testing. Our team conducted thorough checks on all popular browsers and devices, guaranteeing an optimized experience for every visitor. With our internal testing completed, we provided training to the Live Inspirred team, ensuring they could seamlessly update content through the CMS.

Equipped with a comprehensive launch plan, we finally revealed Live Inspirred's beautiful new website to the public. On the highly anticipated launch day, our team orchestrated a flawless rollout, ensuring every detail was executed to perfection.


The impact of Live Inspirred's website launch was immediate and profound. From a lacklustre online presence, Live Inspirred emerged with a website that not only guided users along a clear path but also presented visually captivating and engaging pages. The modern aesthetic, combined with strategically crafted visual content, delivers a simple and delightful user experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Through our partnership with Live Inspirred, we have successfully transformed their online platform into a beacon of inspiration. With an intuitive user experience and a visually stunning design, Live Inspirred is now poised to reach new heights, leaving a positive and lasting impact on all those who visit their website.

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