JIEM India is a subsidiary of Edulab Inc. We serve assessment products, solutions, and advisory using modern technologies to governments, educational institutions, teachers, and students.

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JIEM India came to us to help them design their website for the Indian market. Our Initial step in designing such a website was to kick off the discovery stage. We conducted various discussions with stakeholders to understand the vision, mission, values & voice of the company so we could make perfect site form them. We established primary goals for the design of the website during the discovery phase. They wanted us to make sure visitors get correct communication about the company products & services and are able to easily reach out to them. Another goal was to excite the potential employees about the opportunities, benefits and work culture of their company. Their final goal was to ensure that visitors are easily able to navigate the website to find the specific information they need about their brand products & services.

UX Strategy

Once we defined our direction and overall goals, we were almost ready to build new website for JIEM India. But before designing or developing any new website it was very important that we outlay the optimal user experience of the site first. Sitemap and wireframes were created to ensure the functionality of the site that accomplished the goals for the project.
We made sure that the overall structure of the website is easy for the visitors to understand the brand wide array of products & services they offer in the competitive market of India. We created pages in way that allowed visitors to jump between sections which helped them to quickly find information they are looking on product or services.


After planning out the structure of the website it was time to translate everything into detailed design mock-ups. We started our UI design by creating a mood board, it helped us to explore the colour palettes, typography, imagery styles and design patterns. Selecting each element of the design helped us to paint the picture of JIEM India as friendly, trustworthy company it is.
We created a custom site build on the WordPress content management system (CMS) with a responsive & optimized design for all screen sizes. WordPress CMS helped us to customize the site infrastructure to accommodate the exact needs of JIEM India, we ensured to keep all skill levels to manage, update, and edit for admin in a simple way.

Test & Launch

Once the website was fully built, we did internal round of testing the website, it helped us find any bugs and resolve them quickly. Once the build of the site was bug free, we revealed to JIEM India. We scheduled a training session with the marketing team and internal tech team on how to add and edit new content in the future, we also scheduled a walkthrough session for their entire team of the front end of their new website.

After all the content was updated and testing was finished, we prep ourselves to launch the website live. As soon the website was live in the new hosting environment, we conducted a quick but thorough QA testing which ensured that everything was transferred properly, and site is live.


Sessions +51%
Organic Search Traffic +18%
Avg Time on Page +12
Page Views +23%
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