inresto is a one-stop technology solution that empowers restaurateurs to manage their operations efficiently. As a B2B arm of Dineout, we cater to any F&B establishment’s front & back-end house affairs.Through innovative & integrated solutions, inresto aims to disrupt the restaurant industry & put an end to the problems that have riddled restaurateurs since the beginning of time.

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In-resto, approached us to explore content marketing opportunities in the digital space during March 2020. The task at hand was to craft communication that was consistent, captivating and easily consumable by B2B(Restaurant Owners) & B2C( The end Consumer).

Content Strategy & Solution

Specific content in form of blogs was created. The blogs were in three category Descriptive (1000-1200 words) , Short (300 – 400 words)& Medium (700 – 800 words).

  • Despite the brand being in a serious space of business – Software, we decided to add quirk to its communication, a strategy that proved to be a differentiator in the industry.
  • Curated content for B2B(Restaurant Owners) & B2C( The End Consumer).
  • Standardization was achieved in terms of tonality, image placements which led to consistency.


A consistent and captivating communication that was easily consumed with over 10,000 reach for each blog.

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