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easy donate is a charity-based platform for specifically for people who want to give back to the society. Their mission is to inspire and enable compassion in everyone. We want to give everyone in this world the opportunity and the resources to share their time, talent and treasures with those in need.

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Headquartered in San Fransico, California – USA, easy donate reached us to for their social media page management to communicate their mission and how their platform can help communities.


To start with we had a thorough discussion with key stake holders to understand communication the brand wants to resonate. Based on the discussion, our team came to conclusion that the communication for every design and landing pages will based on gratitude, compassion, love, and life experiences.

  • Considering the characteristics of the platform central themes on which all social media campaigns designs were built.
  • Email campaigns were specifically built for compassion and gratitude stories for individuals.
  • Two Landing pages were specifically design for volunteers who want to be a part of easy donate and people who want to help other through the platform.
  • Monthly campaign planning to create awareness about the platform and how it could create compassion, gratitude among communities and individuals.
  • The highlights of the platform were captured through brand video and were at the centre of the brand’s communication.
  • Facts and incidents related specific Facebook Post and Ad campaigns were directed to reach maximum target audience.
  • Initiated conversations around the compassion, gratitude, love and helping each other & life experiences of individuals on related groups & forums.


Social Media campaigns was effective in creating and increasing awareness about platform and how the platform will help to people in need.

Organic Reach 20k +
Increase on organic page likes on monthly basis 35%
Profile visits and engagements monthly on Facebook & Instagram 5K+
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