Lyricism for Businesses

Design is an integral part for branding building. A strong identity establishes what a brand stands for and differentiates from its competitors. Your product or service is the virtual representation of your brand. Research shows that 75% of customers believe in the credibility of a business based on the design. At Photosyntesis we treat every project with a fresh perspective, so that each brand tells a story different from the others. With creativity and uniqueness at the forefront of everything we design, you can say goodbye to mundane, drab ideas. With the combination of our research and your needs, you can be assured to get an assorted range of designing services.

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You will find us working on:

  • Logo & Identity collaterals design
  • Corporate collaterals design
  • Standee & Pamphlets
  • Exhibition collaterals design
  • Packaging design
  • Print collateral design
  • Digital Campaign design
  • UI/UX
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