Why You Require a Digital Marketing Consultant in 2022

Why You Require a Digital Marketing Consultant in 2022

You have tried thousands of digital marketing agencies, well, maybe not thousands, but enough, and you have had no results or perhaps you have taken several courses to try to manage your company's marketing yourself, and have even been doing accounts on the feasibility of having your own marketing department within your company... And none of these options has worked for you or convinced you!

If you have already seen yourself reflected in the first lines of this article, you've come to the right place.

At Photosyntesis, we have been working with SMSEs like yours for more than 6 years. In 2010, it was very difficult to convince small businesses to do digital marketing. It was costly and not even the freelancers seem to be too expensive to many businesses, but at least they allowed us to demonstrate the importance of visibility and our method that was refined over the years.

At most, they had a website and they thought it is done. We insisted on showing that this was only the beginning.

But SMSEs generally didn’t have the time or budget to invest in marketing. At most, they invested in the radio or the newspaper, which they thought was more profitable. And there was no way to convince them otherwise... but gradually... they discovered it.

Therefore, we humbly think that we know exactly what you need, and what you need is someone to take care of digital marketing strategies and get results while you dedicate yourself to what you really know how to do: manage your business. 

For this reason, at Photosyntesis, we offer you the option of having your digital marketing consultant just a click away. Do you want to know the advantages of having your consultant just a click away? 

Take note!

What does a digital marketing consultant do?

A digital marketing consultant gives you support in your digital transformation. He helps you along the way to coordinate your entire internet presence.

He is responsible for coordinating and implementing all the necessary digital marketing strategies.

It is the same if you already have an internet presence and this is not what you want or if you do not have it and you consider having it. You should consider making an action plan.

In the end, being on the internet is a point of sale. It is as if you opened a new store or office. The ultimate goal is always to convert or improve sales.

The usual problems that the majority of our clients present are:

  • You have a website or blog but no qualified traffic

  • Visitors to your website do not share their personal data

  • You neither sell nor manage to monetize the effort of being on the internet

  • You have social networks, but you hardly publish

  • Posting on social media but getting no response

  • You do not know how to do SEO, nor do you know everything that can help you

  • You do advertising campaigns, but you don't know how to optimize them

  • You have email marketing campaigns, but they do not convert

If all or part of these problems sound familiar to you, you may need the help of a digital consultant. 

The functions of a marketing consultant, whether agency or freelance, range from the initial analysis of the situation to the control and measurement of the results of the strategy.

Let us see a list of common functions of a consultant in any of our projects:

1. Audit

What digital communication channels do we have? Do we have a website, blog, or social network?

Carry out a good initial marketing audit, understand the current online presence, the content strategy that has been followed, or the sales funnels that we have. It is about analyzing our internal and external processes so far.

Everything helps us to set the starting point from the current situation and the path we should take from now on. In this phase, we essentially audit the current state of the digital presence of our company or personal brand.

2. Help segment and determine the target audience

Who is your ideal client? What do you need to attract them?

The difficulty in determining potential customers is one of the usual problems. The definition of our buyer persona or ideal client is not correct in many cases. We are looking for our most profitable customers and selecting the best parameters for our segmentation will help us find them.

Without good segmentation, it is not profitable to invest in advertising or social ads.

3. Analyze external and internal factors

Now, we must assess our product, our sales chain, our means, our internal and external processes, and our prices to know what we can improve. It is the starting point to improving sales.

Of course, you also have to analyze the competition and its products. Study and see what they do and how it works for them in terms of profitability.

From here, we can make our decisions.

4. Establish a digital marketing strategy

Once we know where we are, we set the goals to achieve and establish a digital marketing strategy that allows us to achieve them. The online marketing consultant helps you set your goals and the necessary strategies to reach them.

It is the process of evaluating all possible options and making them a reality based on the resources we have.

5. Implement the marketing plan

Strategies cannot remain on paper. You have to apply them and put them into action, day by day. Our function as consultants is to establish priorities to achieve the objectives.

Many companies need or request a marketing plan and it is left without application due to a lack of time or resources. Carrying out the scheduled tasks is a fundamental part of the success of the project.

Even if you want to take on some of the tasks yourself, a digital marketing consultant can suggest to you the best tools and sources for your task such as Canva, Pexels, Grammarly, Pixlr, etc. 

6. Measure and correct

To check the achievement of the objectives we always have to measure the actions. Knowing in what percentage we have covered the objectives encourages us to achieve them.

If there are deviations, we can discover them quickly to correct them or apply modifications.  

Do you need to hire a marketing consultant for your project? Let us know.

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